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3D Interactive Visuals | Mapping & Local Search | "We put you in the map!"

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The SynthAssistSMprocess is simple: combine the best technologies with the best people to create the best enhancements for your business. We recognize that now more than ever, businesses live and breathe with their ability to stand out from the crowd, and our process is designed to help you do just that. We live in a three dimensional world, and we think it is important that you show all three of those dimensions to your clients and customers.
We'll consult with you to determine how best to show of your company in three dimensions, create the content to for you, help you deliverthat content across the web and across the world, and we'll repeat the process when your content changes, your needs expand, or your clients or customers request it.



The first step in any of our projects is to consult with you, our client, to determine the best way to showcase your content. On most projects, this consultation doesn't need to take too long. For larger, multi-site, multi-day, or more sophisticated development scenarios, additional consulting or project management efforts may make sense. Either way, it is important that we are thorough enough to:

  • Understand what you feel is important about your project
  • Recommend visually compelling or informative details you may have overlooked
  • Determine which core deliverables your project requires
  • Identify appropriate supplemental services
  • Develop an initial project plan and shooting scenario


Once we have a plan tailored to your particular needs, we will set out to acquire the requisite content and create your interactive 3D experiences. This will include:

  • Acquiring all photographs, text, and other project inputs
  • SynthAssizing that content into 3D visualizations
  • Reviewing the results for quality and tweaking where necessary
  • Applying geotagging data to align and enable mapping of your visualizations


Content alone is useless unless it is delivered to the folks who need to see it. As soon as your content is ready (don't worry, it won't take too long), we will stick around to help you deliver it in the ways you want, whether that means:

  • Providing you hyperlinks to the content to include in blogs, emails, or websites
  • Inserting the PhotoSynth viewer directly into your website
  • Working with your current web team to incorporate the content on your site
  • Embedding Google® or Bing® Maps with content overlays directly on your site
  • Integrating your content into the amazing Bing® Maps dive-in PhotoSynth layer



We never wan't to work with someone only once. We think the best professional relationships are just that, relationships, and we think that benefits both of us equally. Our intention is to always impress you enough that you will be:

  • Excited to work with us again
  • Willing to recommend us to your friends and associates
  • Happy to pay your bill

If we miss out for any reason on any of the above, please let us know right away so we can make sure you end up as a happy client.