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Interactive Samples

All of our deliverables are interactive, but sometimes our clients ask us to take it a step further by incorporating multipe levels of interactivity, combining multiple synths into one deliverable, or enhancing the interactivity and information we provide. That's what the samples on this page offer. Take a look at what you see here, or contact us to discuss how we can tailor a similar solution exactly to your needs.


This sample integrates a number of 3D interactive experiences into a single map based interactive. Restaurants, Hotels, Event Venues and Entertainment Options are all displayed as selectable icons on the map. Each popup window contains a 3D Photosynth experiences, image, video, text, or other HTML content. A left navigation panel provides links to each popup on the map, while a directory at the top right provides a hierachical menu grouped by location category.


This sample takes a standard golf course map and converts it into an immersive visual overview. Unless you've had the pleasure of playing the course, you've never seen TPC Las Vegas like this! Roll over any hole number on the course map to bring up unbelievable multi-resolution 3D experience of the view from the tee. Make sure to look around at some of the interesting content on each hole.


A standard mall map can certainly be helpful, but it is often tough to get a feel for the stores when they just look like colored polygons. Here, we combine one of our immersive 3D visuals with a traditional mall guide to show how much more engaging the guide could be. If you're familiar with Google Street View or Bing Streetside, you can think of this as an enhanced version dedicated to your interior space.

Mke sure to roll over the green areas and look for the Optical World 3D experience.


This sample combines a 3D model of a gallery floorplan with an immersive 3D photographic experience to truly make the user feel like they are entering the gallery itself. Rolling over any room lets you dive in to either a photosynth or individual photographs. The red room (on the right) is well worth taking a an extra look at.