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Meetings & Events

Whether you're a promoter, a facility owner, an events manager, a decor house, a designer, or any other meeting & event professional, SynthAssist can help you stand out in the crowd. Our deliverables are the perfect way to show off both your property and your talent in a way that is more engaging, more attractive, and more compelling than ever before. Meetings & Events professionals know that the details are precisely what matter, yet the details are often lost in individual two-dimensional photographs. Imagine being able to show intricate or unique aspects of your venue or event in three-dimensions instead of two. Then imagine doing it in a way the viewer finds helpful and actually enjoys. That's our focus at SynthAssist.






The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne, FL

For this "Taste of South Florida" event, the main Ritz ballroom was converted into a colorful tropical scene.


SynthAssist captured the event in an entirely new way. By combining two dimensional images into three dimensional space, we've provided the viewer with a unique view into the space.

Do you want to see the musicians in the band close up? Go ahead and zoom in with the controls or your mouse wheel. Curious about what the wall to the left looks like? Spin the room around and take a look.


SynthAssist Challenge

1) How many different types of dessert can you find on the pastry bar? 2) What is written on the Ice Sculpture in the middle of the room?



The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater (Live Nation)

With its great style and great history, the Fillmore is a stunning venue both inside and out. It has obvious utility for concerts and

performances, but it can also be used as a unique location for private events.

Here are both inside and outside perspectives of the facility showing off some of its unique qualities.

The interior experience captures the setting not only from the angle you see in the static image to the right, but also from a number of different perspectives in the theater. Yet it also combines all of these vantage points to provide a wonderful overview of the space itself.

Make sure you navigate around a bit. Zoom in, move left and right, or click on the photo rectangles you see highlighted as you roll your mouse over the screen. (For maximum effect, try viewing in full screen mode.)

SynthAssist Challenge - Interior

1) What company makes the theatrical light you can see when you first enter the experience.

2)How many chandeliers are hanging in the theater?



SynthAssist Challenge - Exterior

1) What fruit is pictured in the middle of the "F" logo on the Fillmore sign?

2) Who performed at the Fillmore on Friday, May 22nd?