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Retail Spaces

As the owner or manager of a retail establishment, you want to do two things: 1) look as good as you possibly can, and 2) stand out from your competition. We can help you do both in a completely new way. We'll create a 3D experience that shows off your business from multiple angles and different levels of detail. Then we'll put you in the map so your customers can see where you are and what you look like. If you have individual products that you would like to showcase, we can do that as well.






Optical World - Aventura Mall

Optical World offers a wide variety of eyecare products (in both shared and stand alone display cases). They also have a full exam room and Doctors on site. A single photograph can't show all of those features in context, but the SynthAssist created experience here is designed to do just that.
Want to see the exam room in the back? Go ahead. Curious what is in the Oakley display? Zoom in and find out. Hover over the image and drag, spin, or zoom using your mouse or the controls. Or just click through the highlight thumbnails on the right of the display.
SynthAssist Challenge

1) Who is the Amazing Eye chart "Courtesy of"?
2) From what schools did the doctors get their Doctor of Optometry degrees?
3) What is the "we buy at" rate for Australia on the Mall Exchange Rates display?